Kenneth Harrison had been fending for himself for several years when he met CASA volunteer Linda Brown. Life had been challenging, burdened by his mother’s mental illness and his father’s drug addiction. They were parents who loved him, but they were not capable of raising him. He soon learned that Linda wasn’t just another person who had come into his life to talk to him. As his CASA, Linda was there specifically to help him and to advocate for what was best for him and his future.

Kenneth credits Linda with helping him become the person he is today–a co-salutatorian graduate who began a new job the week after finishing high school and entered college a few months later to pursue his dream of becoming an accountant. Kenneth’s Story demonstrates the powerful impact a CASA can have on a child’s future. Linda would say that it also is a testament to how a volunteer’s heart can be stretched and rewarded by the investment of time and love in a young person’s life.

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